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Why are Roof Inspections Important?

In general roofs age much faster than the other parts of the fabric of the building due to a number of factors. Commercial Roofs are made from a variety of materials including the following: PVC, TPO, Asphalt, Bituminous membranes and insulated panels.

Expansion and contraction over time, coupled with ageing, cause seals to fail and cracks to appear. This allows water ingress, and as a result a regular inspection by trained qualified personnel is vital to keeping the fabric in top shape and stopping water ingress.

Vertex RoofCheck Service

Our RoofCheck Service can greatly extend the lifespan of your roof and allow you to repair minor problems before they become costly through leaks or roof replacement. In addition regular maintenance will give you piece of mind knowing a trusted contractor is looking after your roof and suppling you with reports of each inspection.


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Regular Roof Inspections

Regular roof inspections with a report afterwards are very important. They allow the owner or manager to learn from the report what the condition of the roof is and if any repairs are to be actioned.

Common problems: Cracking to flat roofing materials, failure of seams at laps of roofing membranes, detached flashings at junctions and perimeters, roof penetrations inadequately weathered or fl ashed and leaks. Removal of dirt and debris is important to prevent premature aging of the roof fabric due to the long term presence of waste sitting on the surface. Leaves tend to gather at rainwater outlets and can block the pipes at ground level. Any fall arrest on the roof should be checked and repaired if required. Preventative maintenance isn’t free, but it is definitely less costly than a full roof replacement, that’s for sure!

Material manufacturers and insurance companies like to see a record of maintenance of the roof. Regular inspections can increase the lifespan of your roof by 13 years according to American roof reports. With this in mind Vertex Roofing Systems Ltd offer a RoofCheck Service.

How RoofCheck Works

Twice a year, a qualified Vertex technician will visit your roof. The technician will provide a roof report detailing maintenance and repairs required, to extend your roofs life span, noting: roof blisters, open seams, debris, debris clogging and restricting drains, repairs required on penetrations and flashings, redundant roof equipment, future locations of possible leaks, roofing membrane assessment and repairs required.

For any leak or emergency repair we do a Vertex Roof-Check technician will automatically visit the site within 24 hours and provide a follow-up RoofCheck inspection. Our findings will be detailed on a roof report advising of any maintenance or repairs required to prolong the roofs lifespan.

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